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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Den Haag and Scheveningen

I've been in Den Haag a couple of days ago. Destination: Belastingdienst!!! Haha, dutch is strange, even to hear. Impossible to speak!!! Anyway, I now have a tax numbre, called "sofinummer". And there was enough time to explore the city. I can tell you, Den Haag is much worth seeing than Rotterdam. Neat and tiny street, cafés and restaurants everywhere, they served chips to nearly everything they find in their kitchen. A dutch problem! :) Better cooking by oneself.

I found my new city chopper. Perfect supplement to my green racing machine, I reckon.

I was surprised finding a China Town in Den Haag. The big chinese gate welcomes everybody warmly.

I spent the day in Scheveningen, right next to thousands of others. Hotels and tourism everywhere, as you'd find it in Greece or Spain. Amazing. But a beautiful atmosphere at the dusky beach.

And the final football game of the world cup 2010, public viewing in Rotterdam. I realised that Oranje fans became more and more nervous when the Spanish team pushed forward their offence. This led to the 1:0, and I was happy not beeing in the centre anymore. Quite offensive fans, the Oranjes.

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