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Friday, July 09, 2010

Prologue in Rotterdam

I don't know how I do this, but I am always lucky with certain things. Example: My colleague Hagen had to move from one hotel to an other one. I helped him moving and checking in again. I barely noticed, when passing by, the green truck in the corner of the yard. I walked towards it to get a closer look. Team Liquigas was preparing their racing machines for the prologue of the Tour the France. Simply fascinating!!! These aren't bycicles anymore, these are real machines. I should have taken one ^^

Liquigas technicians at work.

There it is - Ivan Basso's racing machine. I did some changes to it (some might call it sabotage) so he wasn't able to win the prologue ... :) lol


Anonymous said...

Sehr geil !!!
Hättest du halt mal lieber eins mitgenommen!!!
Grüße aus Erlangen c

Andi said...

Dann hätte Basso ja nicht mehr radeln können. Das wollen wir ja nicht, der soll sich mal schön abstrampeln. Ich nehms dann gebraucht, wenn er durch ist mit der Tour :)