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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tour de France in Rotterdam

One thing was for sure - I cannot miss the Tour de France in Rotterdam and passing by Brielle. So I found my way back to the megacity. The weather wasn't that good, but that didn't bother anyone on the Erasmus Bridge watching the cyclists race against time.

I found my new chopper. From now on I leave my MTB in the garage, use this instead.

Unfortunately, the quarter final world cup football game was at the same time on Saturday, so I had to make a decision. I don't have to tell you - patriotism won :) And it was worth it!!!

Haha all the people (me included) were waiting the hours in the midday sun for the cyclists to arrive, just to see them for a couple of seconds. Kinda weird!


Rinkes said...

mensch da haste ja Mario AERTS, Niki TERPSTRA und sogar Alessandro PETACCHI genau vor die linse bekommen ;) ... und einer von den astana leuten is bestimmt vinokurov

Andi said...

da hab ich auch alle bemühungen und anstrengungen rein stecken lassen, in dieses foto, ist nämlich eigentlich gar nicht meins :-X aber gelungen ist es, dank perfekter anweisungen lol