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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Family trip to Melchsee Frutt

Prospect of the Melchsee Frutt at 2000 m

It was Friday evening – start of the 2013 skiing event in Swiss. After having done some monster shopping actions, we were ready for take of the following morning, Anne & Gregor, Antje and me. We got through the traffic quit well, arriving in Stöckalp on time to take one of the last gondola.

Metres of snow and fog makes some cottages almost disappear

The apartment was nice and cosy, as usual, football table, table tennis, indoor soccer field and sauna ready to use. So we did. Karl joined us for a while, advising to step on the skis the next day already. The weather will not getting better during the week. The 4 of us had an excellent day, and the Jagertee was having its part as well.

Having a little rest besides the snow shoe path

Monday was chosen to be a ski free day. Instead, a snow shoe hiking path wanted to be discovered – just without any snow shoes. Sort of adventurous. Madeline and Rinkes arrived that evening – thus, group was complete.

Standing pretty close to the edge

The weather was, yeah, let’s say a mix of almost everything that’s possible in the mountains: a bit of sun, clouds, storm, snow, fog. But cool, indeed! Three enjoyable days with relaxing around in the 2000 m high mountains.

Weather conditions getting better and better

Karl wasn’t able to show up once again, so we had to try making cheese fondue by ourselves. Absolutely delicious, but only eatable once a year :D Three days passed by quickly and we had to head back to home on Friday the following day.

Having a tremendous lookout

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