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Friday, May 24, 2013

French Fries and mussels, Belgium beer and plenty of chocolate...

… in f***ing Bruges. Before I had to go to Finland, Antje and me had a little road trip to Belgium. We had a stopover in Lüttich (Liège). The city itself didn’t have so much to offer and we sauntered though it pretty fast. If you like stairways go and explore the Montagne de Bueren with its 374 steps. That was fun. Well, at least for me. Antje was, more or less, just crouching them up, finishing them with a little “yeah”. The Belgium meatballs served with an ice cold Trappistes Rochefort 12 was perfect.

Time to leave this city and the next destination was not far away. A one hour drive, and here we are, in Bruges. And it looks exactly as shown in the movies. Old redbrick houses, askew and crooked. Narrow and tiny streets everywhere, chocolatiers and lots of tourists. The best thing: Belgium mussels boiled in a creamy sauce. Delicious! Unfortunately, we lost crème brûlée out of our sight. But it was cool, somehow. It’s just so much different to what we know from home.

On the way back we stopped and stayed at a friends place in Duisburg, and had a rainy walk around tour in Düsseldorf on Tuesday.

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