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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting to know and around

Sooo, a couple of weeks are over now. Time is flying, the apartment is furnished. Basic things needed for normal life, at least. The couch is perfect for having some visitors coming over ;) All in all, it offers plenty of space.

My racing machine is locked, down in the basement - I am well equipped. Sauna is available as well, kind of different to the one I know from back home. I hardly can stay longer than, let's say, 7 minutes. I am not quite sure, might be less :)

The city centre itself offers some attractions. The cathedral with its market place is one of them. There are a few churches, lots of parks and hundreds of islands surrounded by brownish water. Everything is easy to reach, almost in walking distance, and biking pretty common too. The harbour market is perfect for fresh and local delights - unfortunately, I am missing the opening hours all the time, but the smoked fish (siika) is absolutely delicious.

Unexpectedly, it's pretty good weather over here. Sun is shining almost every day. Time to dig out shorts and T-Shirts, unfortunately, I've just brought a few. There was some rains as well - but if I sum it all up, it was definitely less than one day. Instead, I've installed a sauna thermometer in my living room :D It has reached a maximum of 27°C today.

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